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Friends Who Checked Out Early. #1. Billy Nimble.

Billy Nimble was a fat contract cleaner. I don’t mean he’d show up at your crime scene with a vat of acid and a hacksaw no, he’d come to your place of business and get his bucket and little Hoover … Continue reading

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The independent bookstore lives! Great Salon article on thriving Bookstores.

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I moved into my new place in Washington Heights a few years back. The building on the next block, facing Broadway, is one of those massive, featureless apartment buildings with permanent scaffolding all around and a heavy rotation of store fronts. On the corner there … Continue reading

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Norman’s Outburst.

I remember exactly the hour that I abandoned my childhood dream of becoming a Biology teacher, because it began as the most boring hour of my life thus far and ended with Norman’s famous outburst. It was double ‘A’ Level … Continue reading

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Oh My God, It’s.. A Case of Mistaken Identity.

Doppelganger  1: a ghostly counterpart of a living person.  2: a double 3: an alter ego For years now, since I was a teenager in fact, I have regularly been mistaken for other people. Not in the way that someone says ‘hi’, thinking you’re … Continue reading

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